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Happy Tails!

We found a new home. Thank you for adopting!

Read some of our success stories posted as Happy Tails on Suzie, Ranger and Dudley!

Note: we no longer add our success stories to this page. For many, many more updates, please visit our Facebook page


Duke came to us from Eastern Washington as a puppy with the rest of his litter mates. He was adopted by Lucy and Vedran in December 2010. Here is what they have to say, 7 months later:

"We adopted our dear Duke from you in Dec 2010. Duke brought soooo much joy into our life I can't even describe it. From the beginning we knew that he was extremely smart, got use to his kennel 1st night at home and it hasn't been a problem at all. Within few months he was fully potty trained and graduated from a puppy class. He is very active, loves to chase balls and go to local parks. Most of all he can't wait for the weekend hikes with my wife and I. We haven't had any problems at all, he is healthy, eats well, plays well with others. I have had German Shepherds before, but have never had so many people stop, look and comment on how cute he is."

Penny Lane

Penny Lane (previously Lisa Marie) came from a high kill shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized. She was adopted by Meaghan in July of 2010. Here's what Meaghan has to say 8 months later:

"She's been passed around quite a bit, but she is truly a resilient dog. When she first came to live with me she was afraid of everyone, but now she is very friendly...and smart, she has even learned to say "I love you"! I cannot imagine my life without her. So, thank you to everyone who helped me find her!"

Here is a video of Penny doing some of her new tricks:


Amber was rescued by Judi and her family in December of 2008. Here's what Judi has to say after their first year together:

"I'm not sure if you'll remember us but we live in Victoria BC and picked up Amber (formerly Curly Sue) from you on December 29th of last year so we have just celebrated our first year with her. Just wanted to share with you what an absolute treasure she is and how fortunate we feel to have her in our lives. Thank you for your part in saving her for us! We truly feel we were destined to be together...a match made in heaven."


Sam wound up in a shelter in California where his time ran out and he was scheduled to be euthanized. He was rescued by Puget Sound Rescue and then adopted out to Barbara and Lars in July of 2009. Here is what they have to say about him, so far:

"We just wanted to let you know, that we are still very happy with having Samwith us. He is a very good dog and we are grateful that you chose/recommended us to meet him and connected us :-). He is a great fit for us and we are very happy with him, although there isstill a lot to learn for us. We love him! Thank you very much again and for your good work with the "homeless" dogs."


DaiZee was in a litter of Chihuahua mix puppies when she came to Puget Sound Rescue in about October of 2008. She was adopted by Denise soon after. She sent us this photo, and update, a year and a half later:

"She is so awesome! Such a wonderful spirit! She did get pretty big! 25 lbs! Just wanted to check in and let you know how much she is loved!"


Levi was rescued by Alley and her family in 2009.  Here's what Alley has to say about Levi, one year later:

"Just over a year ago, we adopted this little guy from you.  He had just arrived at your shelter, coming from California.  He was underweight, had been sick, and was recovering from life on the street.  Well, in the short year that he's been with us, he's turned into quite a handsome little man.  He's perfect in every way and we can't imagine him not being a part of our family.  He's gone swimming, hiking and snowshoeing, and has an extended pack of doggie friends.  He gets along great with both our other dog and our cat.  He loves playing fetch, and he's beginning to learn agility...He truly is the little dog that won our big dog hearts...Thank you for all the hard work you do to rescue these great animals and find their forever home."


Teddy (originally named Major) came to us from a shelter in California, where he was scheduled to be euthanized. He was adopted by Marissa in March of 2010, who sent us these photos and update:

"We absolutely love having him. He is a sweetheart with everyone and for the most part has been such a perfect dog. We've been working on obedience training and he's responding great already. He's a very smart and loyal dog. I included a few pictures for you. Thanks so much for rescuing him and bringing him into our lives."


Sibi came to our rescue with a litter of puppies in February of 2009.  After all of her puppies found their own homes, Sibi was able to find her own forever home.  She was adopted by Cat in March of 2009. Here is what Cat had to say, one month later:

"I just wanted to let you know that we couldn't possibly love Sibi more! She is doing great and really loves her new home. She and our Westie have become great friends and she has really bonded with us. At first she wouldn't walk on a leash, but within the first two weeks she mastered that. She is very clever and figured out the dog door in about five seconds. She has gotten very comfortable riding in the car and we've taken her on some good adventures already. Thanks so much for rescuing this wonderful dog so that we could adopt her!"


Precious (renamed Foxy) came into our rescue in Janaury of 2009, a beautiful 1-year old Pomeranian. She was adopted by Pam in February of 2009, as a companian for Pam's elderly mother. Here is what Pam's update later that month:

"My Mom is head over heels for "Foxy"! My Mom takes Foxy for 3 walks a day (she is EXCELLENT on a leash!). Not only is this good for Foxy, it's good for my MOM!! She has met soooo many new friends at the dog park (my Mom!). When I call my Mom, she has me say "hi" to Foxy on the phone! She still does not like toys or other dogs.......but, she LOVES my Mom! This is win/win situation. A friend of mine might be contacting you for another adoption......I'm spreading the word!"

Sadly, Foxy developed aggressive bladder cancer and passed on 7 months later, here is an update from Pam in September of 2009:

"It is with heavy heart to tell you, today is the day we will be putting Foxy (Precious) to sleep. My Mom adores her so much. It will be so hard on her. Her thyroid was affected, and then her kidneys started to fail. My Mom was giving her kidney dialysis every day at home to lengthen their time together. I am hoping Mom will allow another "baby" in her life to keep her company.........we'll see."

Although a very sad story, we know that Foxy was truly loved and cared for in her last few months, and hope that Foxy's short life also brought joy to Pam's mother. Rest in peace, Foxy.